Employment Support Allowance was chosen as the area to focus on for the creating the Alpha. It was the cause of the most enquiries online at Citizens Advice and in local Citizens Advice. Working with user researchers, content designers and developers to create content and tools that enabled people to get answers and digitally self serve.

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The problem solver

The 'problem solver' was a concept that came from research that showed on average visitors to Citizens Advice had between 3 and 7 problems, the problem solver becomes more prominent if a user is 'bouncing' around several areas of the site. It is a series of questions to understand each issue then helps prioritise those issues that and enables them to save and return to deal with each issue individually.

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Digitising the ESA application form

The ESA50 form is long and complicated form that is only available in pdf format. We worked to develop an online version which could be completed on the Citizens Advice website and submitted directly to DWP's database.

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