UK Government design system

The Home Office is one of the largest government departments and is the lead department for immigration and passports, drugs policy, crime, fire, counter-terrorism and police.


Government Digital Services (GDS) leads the design work for public services on GOV.UK. As new projects start and different user needs emerge, these designs need to evolve and adapt with them. Myself and the small team of senior designers within the department created the design system to support these new user needs and the agile teams that were building the services.




agencies and public bodies




Project images

Patterns homepage


Identifying patterns and components

With so many diverse projects using similar solutions in different ways, one of the key roles of the patterns working group is to remove context, creating clear guidance and best practice.

Example of the check and confirm pattern loop


Creating icons

Identifying how and where teams were using icons and then defining and grouping them based on what users understood and what the interaction was for has helped bring consistency to experiences. Read more on the Home Office blog.

Icons that were audited and guidelines established


Make things open, it makes things better

Our workflow and repository is managed in the open, so anyone can add to it. This also helps us to request patterns from other government departments and GDS.

Github workflow for patterns