Ethical clothing and lifestyle resource.

Sourced is a site that provides a list of recommended ethical manufacturers for clothing and lifestyle products. Sustainability is an area I care about and is a consideration whenever I need to buy things. I couldn't find any sites that could direct me to companies or products with a focus on sustainability as well as good product design, so I built this site to do that.

The website uses a Google spreadsheet, which is publiclly available, so should anyone want to use the same data, they can. The spreadsheet populates the content of the site. It also uses a Google form, so people can submit their own recommendations. visit the site and add a recommendation. This project is intended to be an open source and self sustaining resource for ethical manufacturers.

Sourced homepage

Example of an ethical sourced listing

Spreadsheet from public suggestions

The site was originally launched on Product Hunt where it got a good response. The code is available on Github and the spreadsheet of product can be viewed here.